Discover how LICADAS can help utilize your data to improve efficiency within your company.

Real-time Monitoring

Remote level sensors connect your tanks to the cloud so you can monitor them over the Internet with our easy–to–use remote monitoring platform while getting automatic, customized alerts to your mobile device anytime, anywhere.

Alerts & Notifications

Knowing what is happening with your product is critical. Users can setup how and when they are notified by defining notification thresholds for mild or urgent tank levels as well as high and low room temperatures and be notified by text message or email.

Usage Predictability

Better predictability of customer needs eliminates additional delivery costs. LICADAS is currently capable of monitoring up to fourteen separate tanks at one location retaining important historical data providing important reports.

 Best Wireless Tank Monitoring

Best Wireless Tank Monitoring

  • Up to fourteen sensors
  • Predict usage patterns / routing efficiency
  • Inventory control / theft prevention
  • Coordinated inventory readings
  • Warnings & critical alerts
  • Tank level trending
  • Room temperature reporting
  • Solar panel recharging available
  • 30 day remote battery backup available