The LICADAS tank monitoring system works by taking signals from a measuring device ¬†installed on or in your tanks, and converting those signals to liquid measurement. That data is then sent through a gateway via cellular modem to LICADAS’ dedicated servers and then made available on the LICADAS website through a secure log in process. So now you can retrieve your real time inventory from any computer, tablet, or smart phone that can connect to the internet from anywhere in the world..

LT14 Tank Monitoring Unit:

  • 14 available sensors to connect to up to 14 tanks
  • Predicts usage patters/ routing efficiency
  • Inventory control
  • Tank level trending
  • Padlocked enclosure
  • Automatic warnings and critical readings
  • Automatic and customized coordinated inventory readings
  • Automatic and customized room temperature reporting

Additional Power Sources: Tank Monitoring Battery Backup

  • Solar panel recharging
  • 30 day guaranteed remote battery backup